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We create objects that bring people together.
Timeless and enduring furniture that belongs wherever it sits. 

Every piece is designed in our alpine studio and built by world class craftspeople.   



Ed Cruikshank has been designing custom furniture for over thirty years. With a degree in Furniture Design, he spent ten years in London with LINLEY as Head of Design and Special Projects before moving to Queenstown in 2002.

Designs range from unique single pieces of furniture to entire interiors for homes, lodges, yachts, hotels and boardrooms in New Zealand and around the world.

He and his team are experts in delivering the highest quality furniture and interior solutions made specifically to their customers' requirements.  

Everything is built by highly-skilled craftspeople combining traditional skills with the latest technology to ensure a superb end product and experience.        


Tried and tested classic pieces, designed to endure. Elegant, timeless and highly functional they will sit harmoniously in a wide range of architectural and interior styles.

Each piece is hand-built by expert craftspeople from top quality materials, to last a lifetime. They are individually built to order, so can also be tailor-made and personalised.


Furniture connects our bodies to our physical environment. Well-considered furniture has a profound impact on the way we feel and how we experience our homes, workplaces and living spaces.

I work closely with owners, architects, design professionals, specifiers and builders to deliver exceptional custom-designed living environments featuring made to measure free-standing and fitted furniture and cabinetry.