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I create furniture that I hope will be treasured for several lifetimes. Thoughtful pieces that mature gracefully with age, gathering character and unique patina with use and the passage of time.


Most of us aren't comfortable with the unknown, so commissioning a piece of furniture for the first time can be challenging. At the outset, we tend to gravitate to things we’ve already seen or imagined, but that changes as we become more familiar with the process. Mutual understanding and trust grows, exploration becomes easier and exciting. My customers and I get to know each other well as we work together on bespoke projects. It helps us take projects to a meaningful place together.


I have invested hundreds of hours into the design and development of each one of my iconic pieces and I continue to refine and improve them constantly. They are designed to be classic, highly practical and enduring pieces that will work in a wide range of situations. They are hand-built to the same exacting standards as my bespoke work and can also be personalised and adjusted to suit. Typically they take around six to eight weeks from order to delivery.


I aim to bring the same warmth to my commercial work that I do to my private projects. When I consider any piece of furniture or interior for a project, I focus on the people and the experiences they will have. I strive to create meaningful experiences whilst paying close attention to the design brief and to delivering a high quality outcome that adds value to the project.

The Furniture of Ed Cruikshank

Decades of training and production has lead to a compilation of Ed Cruikshank's work in this stunning book. Below is a sample pdf which you can view or download. To order the book please write to us here.


Over the last ten years Ed has designed a range of fire bellows / pokers, tongs and fire pits. Please click here to head over to the FIREBRANDNZ site for more details...

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