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I create thoughtfully designed, carefully crafted furniture and interior environments.
Everything is custom designed and hand made or specially selected to suit the exact needs of my customers and to stand the tests of time.


I have specialised in custom furniture design for over thirty years in London and Queenstown creating everything from individual pieces of furniture to entire interiors for homes, lodges, yachts and hotels.


My team and I expertly combine the elements required for a successful and enjoyable outcome. Initial meetings lead to sketch concepts for discussion. Chosen designs are then developed into lifelike representations and precise drawings for deeper consideration and fine tuning.  Once approved, designs are hand-built by highly-skilled craftspeople and delivered with the same high level of care and attention to detail.   

Every step of the process is carefully planned to ensure our customers know exactly what to expect terms of design, quality, price and delivery.         


These are my tried and tested classic pieces, designed to endure and to sit harmoniously with a wide range of architectural and interior styles. Each piece is hand-built in New Zealand by expert craftspeople from top quality materials to enable them to last a lifetime. They are individually built to order so can be tailor-made and personalised to suit exact requirements. 


With the exception of shoes, furniture is what connects our bodies with our physical environment and it has the greatest impact on the way we feel in any building.

I am often involved in the design of the interiors that my pieces inhabit. Whether a small cosy space or an entire interior, I focus on the people and the experience that the space and the furniture, objects and art create. I strive to create a sense of personal connection, warmth and belonging. 

I work closely with architects, interior designers and builders to create exceptional living environments and experiences.     


Three decades of training, practice and production has lead to a compilation of Ed Cruikshank's work in this stunning book. Below is a sample pdf which you can view or download. To order the book please write to us here.


By Ed Cruikshank


Striking and highly-functional firetools designed, tested and proven in Queenstown's alpine environment. The Infernorator Poker & Blower and the Crucible Fire Pit & Barbeque. Please click here to head over to the FIREBRANDNZ site for more details...

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