Authentic design, superb craftsmanship and outstanding customer service have underpinned the Cruikshank name since our first piece was made in 2003.
We are experts in the design of custom-made furniture. Quality, integrity and longevity are at the heart of everything we do.      
From our mountain studio in Queenstown and our workshops around New Zealand, we design and custom-build furniture for residential and commercial projects in New Zealand, Australia, The UK, Europe and North America.   


Ed Cruikshank has been designing custom furniture for over thirty years. With a degree in Furniture Design, he spent ten years in London with LINLEY as Head of Design and Special Projects before moving to Queenstown in 2002.

Designs range from unique single pieces of furniture to entire interiors for homes, lodges, yachts, hotels and boardrooms in New Zealand and around the world.

He and his team are experts in delivering the highest quality furniture and interior solutions made specifically to their customers' requirements.  

Everything is built by highly-skilled craftspeople in New Zealand with every step from concept to delivery carefully planned and executed to ensure a superb end product and experience.        


My tried and tested classic pieces, designed to look good, work perfectly and endure, while sitting harmoniously in a wide range of architectural and interior styles.

Each piece is hand-built in New Zealand by expert craftspeople from top quality materials, to last a lifetime. They are individually built to order, so can be tailor-made and personalised.


With the exception of shoes, furniture is what connects our bodies with our physical environment. Well-considered furniture has a profound impact on the way we feel and how we experience our homes, workplaces and living spaces.

I work closely with owners, architects, design professionals, specifiers and builders to deliver exceptional custom-designed living environments.         


Three decades of training, practice and production has lead to a compilation of Ed Cruikshank's work in this stunning book. Below is a sample pdf which you can view or download. To order the book please write to us here.


By Ed Cruikshank


Striking and highly-functional firetools designed, tested and proven in Queenstown's alpine environment. The Infernorator Poker & Blower and the Crucible Fire Pit & Barbeque. Please click here to head over to the FIREBRANDNZ site for more details...

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