Always an exciting venture, the start of something brand new with a collaborative effort. Discussing the clients wants, needs and preferred aesthetic. Establishing a brief and creating a proposal. This is the conversation I'd like to have with you.


Furniture connects us with our physical environment, so good furniture is important. Good pieces are a pleasure to use, and pleasurable pieces that also connect us with the people and places we love, become meaningful. They bring joy to everyday life.
At the outset of any bespoke project, whether a new house design, a fresh company website or even a holiday itinerary, we tend to gravitate to things we’ve already seen or imagined, but that changes as we become more familiar with the subject and process. Mutual understanding and trust grows and exploration becomes easy and exciting.
I love this process and my customers and I get to know each other well as we work together to create unique, highly-personal pieces that will last for a lifetime and beyond. 


A pencil and paper is still the most efficient way of communicating and exploring different ideas quickly. 

Each new project has an abundance of different outcomes. Navigating that journey and refining ideas through filters of form, function and aesthetic all start with a scratch of charcoal.


Rendering photorealistic images of the concept in its materials and space can be very comforting.


It allows us to communicate in detail each aspect of the design and how it will come together, with extreme accuracy.

This is a really exciting part of the process when you start to see the ideas come to life!


Working in computer aided design software makes it easier to think in 3 dimensionally, but there's no substitute to the real thing. 

We will often build parts of a component or even the entire piece full scale to understand proportion, tolerances and usability of a project before starting manufacturing. 

This can be the last crucial proof of whether or not the design is going to work, and is still the best tool for getting a true understanding of what the end result will feel like. 


Confirmation of the completed design fit with the correct materials and details for the piece of mind and keep everyone on the same page before production.


Detailed drawings with fully explained resolutions to joints, construction and features. These drawings serve as the contract between us and the craftsman, where detail is imperative and background knowledge in material processes is paramount.


Having a background in cabinet making has made this process possible and enjoyable, without hours of conversation and collaboration to create something truly unique and well-considered. 


Having a background in cabinet making paired with the long established relationships with local craftsman make the manufacturing process more love than loath. 


Working with real materials always has its challenges, with each individual piece of timber having its embedded lineage twisting and shaping its new form.


After arranging delivery to your location we will install and fit the project into your site. Once you've signed off on the finish and detailing we will finally place our insignia on the project completing the work. We hope the conversation and collaboration will continue from there in new ways.

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