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I am increasingly being invited to design for hotels, lodges, shops, restaurants and commercial interiors. My approach is the same whatever the starting point. I need to know the ethos behind the project so I can instil meaning and connection through considered and enduring designs.

Technically it goes more like this...

After initial consultations with a commercial client, we establish a brief that concisely outlines the wants and needs for the project, as well as the areas where there is flexibility to allow for new ideas and unconventional concepts. 

To accurately embody the look and feel of a company we do a large amount of in-depth research. From the foundations and origin to the present, looking for key ideas, icons and moments of which we can engrain into the work and symbolise the true essence of the company. 

Next, we ideate and explore a plethora of ideas in sketches, mockups and messy whiteboards. We cherry pick the recurring themes and interesting ideas to craft into two or three rendered concepts to present to the client. 

This allows us to actively collaborate with the client at each milestone of the design in order to integrate their ideas and inspire possible iterations through photo-realistic models.


We have a holistic approach to each concept, ensuring that every piece has a cohesive relationship and language to each other. The visual work aims to integrate the essence and core values of the company with pragmatic functionality, to beautifully marry form, function and meaning. 

After the concept phase determines the direction we then refine the idea with detailed drawings in regards to the confines of construction methods, size/proportion, materials and cost. 

Once we're happy with the design, we then transition from consultations with the clients to the manufacturers, refining the construction drawings in regards to strength, stability, overhangs, finishes and techniques. 

A well-documented compilation of technical drawings and specifications is then signed by us, the client and craftsman and the building process begins.     

We oversee the construction and coordinate the different crafts in order to align different materials and components for the final pieces. 

We install the work and are fastidious about the fit and finish. Making sure the end result is perfect and exceeds expectations. My seal of approval marks the completion of the project, usually by embedding in an engraved stainless Cruikshank pin into each piece of furniture.  


When I consider any piece of furniture or interior scheme, I focus on the people and the experiences they will have. I strive to create meaningful experiences whilst paying close attention to the design brief and to delivering a high-quality outcome that adds value to the project.
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