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In addition to designing for private homes I also create for hotels, lodges, shops, restaurants and commercial interiors. My approach is the same whatever the starting point - first understanding the ethos of the project so I can infuse appropriate meaning and relevance where it will add interest and value.

After initial consultations we establish a brief that concisely outlines the wants and needs of the project, as well as exploring areas where there is flexibility to allow for new ideas and unconventional concepts. 

To accurately reflect the character of the home owners, or the brand of the company, we undertake in-depth research. From their foundations and origins to the present, looking for key ideas, icons and characters and moments in time that we can infuse into the work to symbolise and capture the essence of the project. 

Next, we explore these ideas, brainstorming around details and concepts then cherry-picking recurring themes that we gather and craft into two or three rendered concepts to present to the client. 

We actively collaborate with the client at each milestone of the design in order to integrate their ideas and inspire possible iterations.

We have a holistic approach to each concept, ensuring that every piece has a cohesive relationship and language to each other. The visual work aims to integrate the essence and core values with pragmatic functionality, to beautifully marry form, function and meaning. 

After the concept phase we refine the resulting ideas with detailed drawings, construction methods, materials and cost. 

Once we're happy with the design, we then move to consultation with our workshops, craftspeople and suppliers, refining the construction drawings in regards to the practicalities of strength, stability, finish and manufacturing technique. 

Well-documented technical drawings and specifications are then mutually signed by us and the client before the making process begins.     

We oversee the construction and coordinate the different crafts in order to align different materials and components for the final pieces. Fine-tuning and finessing of the design continues through this stage. 

After final quality check and sign off, we deliver and install the work with a fastidious eye on the fit and finish. Making sure the end result is perfect and exceeds expectations. My seal of approval marks the completion of the project via solid steel Cruikshank branding bolt that is hammered permanently into each piece of furniture.  


In addition to our bespoke furniture and Iconic collection we also offer interior design services where we collaborate directly with owners, architects, developers and other design professionals. We are experts in space-planning and three dimensional visualisation and can also source and supply a wide range of items including world-class art and antiques for your project.       
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