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The Koru was the first piece of furniture I designed after moving to New Zealand. Looking back it was strongly influenced by the experience and landscape of Queenstown but the story of its inspiration is very human. We were living in a lovely but freezing little cottage by the lake. One evening we had friends over for supper with their five year old daughter and after putting her to bed, wrapped in a possum blanket, the grown ups settled down around a crackling fire with with glasses of wine in hand. Ten minutes later a small figure snuck back in dragging the blanket behind her and quietly made herself a little nest in the glow of the fire. Thumb in mouth she gently dozed off to sleep. We all laughed and my friends said I should design a chair that makes big girls feel like that too. I have been delighted to see that almost every girl - and some boys too - no matter what their age seem to be magnetized to it. Over the past ten years it has been described as a nest, a cocoon, a haven, a den, a love seat, an escape and “My favourite place in the world”.


All lovely descriptions that sum up exactly what I hoped it would be. Thanks to Petra for the inspiration!

Note that listed price is in possum fur and New Zealand leather.  Prices start at $18,000 in plain fabric. Also available in faux fur and other coverings by arrangement.

Koru Chair

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